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❤️Welcome to my profile! My name is Mary❤️
You want to know me?
Look at me, browse me, read me and you will understand ...
"I'm part of everything I found on my way." - Alfred Tennyson
We still need a presentation, who would use it? I am, just me and nothing more.
People often assume that others are like them. We tend to assume that others share the same preferences, opinions, and values. That's why many times, when others behave differently than we expect, we are surprised. At the same time, this means that you can learn a lot about one person when making judgments about someone else. For example, if you expect others to treat you nicely, it means that you are doing the same, or if you think everyone is cheating, it means that you are doing the same. To avoid such situations it would be better to try to understand the person, to read it beyond words.

14/04/2021 12:13

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Blue DREAM  Mary
Blue DREAM  Mary
Blue DREAM  Mary
The savannah, a portrait and felines
picmix nr 9
picmix nr 7
Would I look good blonde?
Blue DREAM  Mary
Blue DREAM  Mary
🌺 🌸 🌼Joyeux anniversaire Lisa!🧁 🍰 🎂
Blue DREAM  Mary
Blue DREAM  Mary
Blue DREAM  Mary
Cadeau pour mon ami  Cathy
Cadeau de mon amie Cathy
Thank you, Edith for the gift!
Thanks, Lisa for the gift!
Thank you, Kris! Happy Easter!
Thank you, Linda! Happy Easter!
Merci, Cathy! Joyeuses Pâques!
Thank you, Francine!! Happy Easter!
Blue DREAM  Mary
Welcome April!
Angel sadness
Happy Easter!-Joyeuses Pâques!
Blue DREAM Mary
Blue DREAM  Mary
with or without🔄 ↩️↪️- I am a ballad....😉
Blue DREAM  Mary
Blue DREAM  Mary
Blue DREAM  Mary
Blue DREAM  Mary

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Passez une belle journée !
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Hello Mary
Thank you very much for voting
Have a nice day
Hugs & Kisses @};- @};-
" Femme vintage "
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Hello dearest Mary @};- Thank you for the nice guys: comments, ratings and votes ... Good evening & excellent week-end ... warm hugs my sweet friend >:D< :x >:D< Hélène
Portrait of a woman
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Mary @};- Hello Thank you for your kind visit for the beautiful comments and the vote good night my dear girlfriend sweet dreams : :x @};- @};- @};- @};- @};- @};- @};- @};- @};- @};-
little angel and the doves contest
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Bonsoir ma TOUTE BELLE, merci beaucoup pour tes gentils commentaires et tes belles notes. Je te souhaite un bon vendredi et un heureux week-end !des tout gros Bisous amitié :x 💗
Mietzi Regenbogen
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_ „ʌ„„ʌ”˜˜‟ ╮ Thank you @};-
_ ≽ˉ•ˉ≼¸_„(”)) __ ★♥ ___ ★
for your visit, the nice
comments and the votes.
Hugs & Kisses and a
very nice Friday :x
Ma création ✿ 💖 ‿💖 ✿
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Hello Blue-Dream,
Thank you very much for all your lovely com and rating
Have a wonderful Friday and a great week-end
Hugs and Kisses >:D<
Deine Avatare - Wettbewerb
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Hello Mary, thank you for your notes and
votes with kind words. Have a nice day. >:D<
ღ C'est pas la forme ! ღ
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Have a nice day Mary
Thank you for the comments.
kisses ;;) ;) :-*
Je suis une grande rêveuse...
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Thank you for your visits and appreciations
Have a lovely evening
Hugs & friendship kisses >:D< :x

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